Altnau Apple Trail


The Apple Trail and a walking route through the village attest the longstanding importance of fruit-growing in Altnau's agriculture. 24 information panels with puzzles, jokes and questions about apple varieties impart valuable knowledge about the apple-growing region and the rosy-skinned fruit itself. Visitors will also meet Fredi, Lisi and Emma – three appealing apple mascots.
The theme routes start between the railway station and the village centre. Parking is available at the railway station and by the lake. 

Excursions are especially pleasant in May (to see the apple blossom) or late summer during the Altnau Apple Weeks which climax with the autumn market on the last day. 
  • “Apfelweg Lisi”: At the 14 stations along the red route, Lisi describes the fruit growers' work.
  • “Apfelweg Emma”: At the green route's 10 stations, Emma reveals details about fruit and fruit-growing, the Apple Village and the cider region.
  • “Apfelweg Fredi”: Fredi's yellow route passes through the village centre, showcasing apples and pears with plenty of puzzles, recipes and jokes. (Information panels in German only).
Altnau's farm shops, village stores and cuisine focus (almost) entirely on apples. People say that the apple fritters (Öpfelchüechli) here taste better than anywhere else in Thurgau.

General info

  • Season: March - November
  • Outdoor
  • Suitable for: Families
  • Needed time: 2 to 4 hours (half day)
  • Experience Type: Nature, Active

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