Creativity, team spirit, and above all fun and a certain air of nostalgia are the essence of this very special ‘Grand Prix’. Teams are presented with a basic frame and various additional materials, and have to work together to produce a colourful, working Go-cart. The culmination of this intensive team-building phase is the Eiger Grand Prix in which the handmade ‘racing cars’ will take to the course, and where the spectators can appraise the cars on their appearance, cruise control, and of course, their ability to pass the chequered flag! An inspiring competition for teams with a passion for driving and a sense of adventure!
The event location can be reached on foot or by transportation. Once there, your teams of 8-10 people will begin building the new company car! Each team is provided with 2 axles with wheels, a variety of tools, and some construction and decoration materials and the team must invent its own imaginative name for its vehicle.
Further materials can be purchased at the ‘shop’, where teams use their own company currency – all teams have the same ‘budget’ allowance for their purchases. An array of materials such as metal parts, upholstery, wire mesh, cardboard, wheels, etc. may be fixed, hammered, glued, cut and sawn during the construction phase, and if larger cuts of wood are needed, there is professional carpentry assistance available in the ‘service workshop’.
Naturally, teams will be required to muster all their creative skills in the ‘paintshop’ for designing and painting the all-important team Go-cart flag. After the safety check, the vehicle goes to the test track - a proud and exciting team moment! All team vehicles will be judged and the winning team announced, according to a specific criteria; roadworthiness on the test track, design, the most creative team flag, and the most economical team (how much currency remains at the end of the event).

General info

  • Needed time: 2 to 4 hours (half day)
  • Suitable for: Groups

Group & pricing information

  • Group Size: 30 - 150

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