Cross-country trails high above the Rhine Gorge


High above the Rhine Gorge, the Flims-Bargis-Trin-Sagogn cross-country region presents diverse landscapes and delights the sportive with a number of very different trails.
The continuous Flims – Trin network of trails presents varying levels of difficulty owing to the topography. Flims is rather hilly and therefore recommended for the more advanced. To the contrary, Trin, as Sagogn, lies on a sunny level and is therefore ideal for beginners. The traffic-free Bargis high valley is located above Flims, at 1,550 meters above sea level.
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Altitude: 800 to 1550 meters above sea level
Classic trail: 59km
Skating: 59km
Night trail: 3km (Trin), 2.5km (Sagogn)
Dog trail: 1km (Sagogn)

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