Solve exciting puzzles on the FoodTrail in Thun and enjoy some tasty specialities as a reward.
Get a taste for the city of Thun with a difference on this enjoyable scavenger hunt and become acquainted with some new stories in the process. On this FoodTrail you can win some well-known Thun specialities and enjoy them either straight away or at home. Just solve the puzzles and move onto the next stop on the gourmet tour. This trail takes approximately four hours, can be done throughout the year and takes you through six gourmet stops. The trail is equally suitable for families, friends and firms alike.

Ordering tickets is simple and is done online. It is important to make a note of the days and the times that the trail takes place: These are March-October, Tuesday-Friday 09.00-12.15 and 13.30-14.00 and Saturday 10.00-12.45. November to February Monday-Friday 09.00-12.15 and Saturday 10.00-11.45.

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