Regional route No. 24, Biel/Bienne–Luzern


Regional route
No. 24 (Biel/Bienne–Luzern)
125 km
Ascent • Descent
↑ 1250 m • ↓ 1200 m
Lowest point • Highest point
427 m • 857 m
Fitness level
From Seeland through fields and forests to Burgdorf, gateway to the Emmental. On through riverside woodlands , passing farmhouses to the Emmental’s main town of Langnau. Through green Entlebuch and a bird-filled water landscape to Luzern.
We leave the watch town along the Schüss Canal, a relic of Biel’s industrialisation, cross the dead-straight Nidau-Büren Canal and later the primeval forest landscape of the Alte Aare, both the result of corrections to the Jura waters. Over tongues of the Bucheggberg to a restful field and forest landscape, then pedal over a high-speed phenomenon before Kirchberg: transit & local railways, motorway and River Emme cross above and below ground. Defiant, the Burgdorf fortress guarding the gateway to Emmental. Past isolated farms set in hilly landscapes, then gently down through riverside woodland to Langnau, the Emmental cheese metropolis. After Kambly biscuits «es Äntlibuecher Kafi» (coffee). Entlebuch, a green stretch of land well forested with tranquil water landscapes and mystical legends of charcoal burning. A visit to the Werthenstein pilgrimage chapel and finally through a bird-filled water meadow landscape to Luzern, the town of lights on the Vierwaldstättersee.


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