Near Maloja, there is a group of 36 potholes, some smaller, some larger, and from the tower of Castello Belvedere the views of the Bergell valley and the lake region of the Upper Engadine are breathtaking.
After the last ice age, about 1000 years ago, the glaciers receded from the lowlands, setting large quantities of meltwater, ice, rocks and sand free. Normally, this creates polished rock surfaces and striations, or potholes on occasion, as in this case. Meltwater will always find a way through the crevasses and the water along with the sand it carried hit the rocky bottom with tremendous pressure. The constant grinding in the same place resulted in potholes of different depth, depending on the length of time and the hardness of the rock. Many potholes are filled with water because it has no outlet to flow out of the rock. Some have been covered with sand and rock since the glacier receded and continue to be hidden.

Hikers must stay on the trail and dogs should be leashed at all times. The best time to visit is between spring and autumn.

Take the Rhaetian Railway to St. Moritz and from there the postbus to the post office in Maloja.

There is also a circular path for walkers. It is about 2.5 km long, takes approximately 1 hour and is easy to do. It starts at the post office in Maloja heading in the direction of Castello Belvedere and continues to Marmitte gigange and Sette marmite, to the high moor, through the pine forest and back to the post office of Maloja.

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