Lilly and Martin visit their Uncle Sämi on the Alp. The siblings’ adventures on the hike to Urnäsch are recounted on 14 illustrated signposts or markers.
The markers have been lovingly created with attention to detail and inspire visitors to copy them. On the hiking tour families can build “Steinmannli” (little stone men), play with the train “Chügelibahn,” pass the “Fitzdraht-Test,” balance on a tree stump and climb over tree trunks. Older children enjoy the climbing rock. The little ones learn amusing verses that make it easier to climb the steps.

Two romantic stations at the beginning and end of the hiking tour invite you to set up a grilling party for the family. Whoever wants to visit Uncle Sämi on the Alp is invited to make a reservation.

General info

  • Outdoor
  • Experience Type: Nature, Active
  • Needed time: 2 to 4 hours (half day)

Tourist-Information Urnäsch

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