Rund um den Mundaun Bike

Local route No. 211, Vella–Vella


Local route
No. 211 (Vella–Vella)
34 km
Ascent • Descent
↑ 1550 m • ↓ 1550 m
Lowest point • Highest point
1241 m • 2079 m
Fitness level
A tour around the Mundaun chain with plenty of views. From the sun-kissed slopes of Val Lumnezia, you enter Walser-German Obersaxen. The ride over alpine roads and easy trails features stunning views of the Sardona Tectonic Arena and the Vorderrhein Valley.
The circular tour starts in Vella, the main village of sunny Val Lumnezia. It ascends to the Davos Munts bathing lake on gravel roads and well-maintained trails. After a short breather, it's time to start pedalling: the 700-metre climb to Alp Nova requires stamina. In several serpentines, the trail winds its way on alpine roads along the southern slopes high above Val Lumnezia. At 2,074 metres above sea level, you reach the route's highest point and cross the language border. From Romansh-speaking Val Lumnezia you enter the Walser-German village of Obersaxen. The downhill fun is about to begin. The easy single trail, which begins at Alp Nall, stands out with its magnificent views. Again and again, the view opens into the wild Val Gronda, one of the Surselva's little-known side valleys. Passing through the Nall Forest, you reach Wali, where the mountain restaurant of the same name invites you to take a break. The route leads almost entirely on alpine roads, gently up and down towards Cuolm Sura – constantly accompanied by views of the scattered villages in the valley and the Brigelserhörner on the opposite side. At Untermatt, another short trail section awaits you, which is well-developed and easy to ride. The route continues towards what is arguably the Surselva's most stunning panorama. When you arrive at the mountain inn Grisons Rigi the views extend over Ilanz and the Rhine Gorge all the way to Chur. The panorama of the Signina chain opens up on the right, while the Sardona Tectonic Arena rises on the left side of the valley. A short break at the Sogn Carli chapel is well worth it. In the small clearing, you can enjoy the magnificent views of the Foppa and the Rhine valley once more before whizzing back to Vella on short single trails..

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