The fortifications of the town of Fribourg were built as protection for the town in the Middle Ages between the 13th and 15th centuries. With large sections of them having been preserved to this day, they are the most significant piece of medieval military architecture in Switzerland. They are also open to the public.
The local topography made it an obvious place to establish a settlement. The steep molasse crags and the meandering path of the River Saane formed a natural barrier against enemy invaders. For this reason, fortifications were built on the west side of the city, thus completing a protective barrier around the whole town.

The town’s fortifications consist of gates and towers, some of which are linked together by ramparts. There are six towers, five gates, seven rampart sections and a large bulwark. Measuring at least two kilometres in length, this system of walls provided protection for the city in bygone days.

Over time, Fribourg experienced some changes in town planning and some of the fortifications disappeared as a result.

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