Dare to cross the bridge as our ancestors did. Take the time to admire the vertiginous view and continue along the path that leads straight to the magnificent Ramaclé Waterfall before opening onto the majestic gorges of Gérignoz.
Built in 1883, Turrian Bridge is the oldest suspension bridge in French-speaking Switzerland and one of the last still in existence. Accessible by foot from Château-d’Oex, it spans the River Sarine and marks the entrance to the Ramaclé wetlands, renowned for the beauty of their waterfall.

The Ramaclé Waterfall can be found midway between Château-d'Oex and Gérignoz in the forest that borders the Sarine.
Two streams, La Rosette and Ramaclé, come together to form the Ramaclé Waterfall, which can be viewed from the wooden bridge opposite.
A large picnic table is available for you to use if you feel like taking a break to enjoy the beautiful countryside.

General info

  • Suitable for: Families, Individual, Couples, Groups
  • Needed time: 1-2 hours

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