The Pro Natura Center Champ-Pittet is surrounded by valuable sedge meadows, reeds and lake-shore forest. You can stroll in a leisurely fashion on the interesting and varied nature-studies hiking trails, where you can obtain information about the local ecosystems. Most trails and bridges are accessible for wheelchairs and baby carriages. Let us guide and inform you on this fascinating tour!
Begin of tour: Pro Natura Center Champ-Pittet
Access starting point: Regular stop on the SBB Line Yverdon-Fribourg.
Stop "Champ-Pittet"
Point of arrival: Yvonand
Access point of arrival: Train connection to Yverdon
Hiking time: 2 h 45
Physical fitness: easy
Difficulty: easy
Culmination point: 434 m
Season: April - November
Gastronomy: Yverdon, Yvonand
Overnight: in Yverdon
The "Marsh, Forest and Nature Trail of Nature Conservation Center Champ-Pittet" ("Moor-, Wald- und Naturpfad des Naturschutzzentrums Champ-Pittet") at Yverdon-les-Bains is an exemplary and outstanding nature studies trail. Further suggestions:

River-bank Nature Studies Trail:
You traverse the sedge and reed zones characteristic of the Grande Cariçaie region on wooden bridges, dry of foot. A picturesque lagoon with pond roses and nesting reed warblers follows. There is a tower observatory from which you can watch herons, ducks and coots. The medieval castle of "Grandson" forms a beautiful backdrop, on the opposite shore of the lake.

Forest Nature Studies Trail:
Mighty beech and ash trees grow in the lake-shore forest right behind the Nature Center. Foxes and badgers build their dens here in the soft soil. Alders, birch trees and willows give the damp forest its characteristic appearance.

Agence ADNV / Office du Tourisme d'Yverdon-les-Bains

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