Lake Fälen: Fascinating Alpstein-Fjord

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A jewel of a lake, embedded between the steep rock cliffs of Widderalpstöcke, and the peaks of the Hundstein in the north, the Altmann, Saxerfirst and the Kreuzberge mountains in the east, Lake Fälen's nearly black water and its constantly changing kaleidoscope of reflections never fails to enchant its visitors.
There are often remnants of snow even in high summer, while gentian and alpine anemones flower in the areas with Southern exposure. A hiking trail runs along the northern shore of the lake, fishermen try their luck here and in the dog days of summer, there is even an intrepid bather or two that brave the chilly waters, at best 18° C. There is a lovely inn, the Bollenwie, a much-visited destination for hikers, mountaineers, and fishermen. Not only is the view phenomenal, but also the Rösti which makes the 2-hour-hike all the more worthwhile.

How to get there:
By publis transportation (train or postbus) or car from St. Gallen/Appenzell to Brülisau. From Brülisau there is a hiking trail leading to Lake Fälen, the hike takes 1 3/4 hours.

General info

  • Needed time: 4 to 8 hours (full day)
  • Outdoor
  • Experience Type: Nature, Active

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