Over a thousand nail-biting metres of track await you: Solarbob is the only sledging run to combine fun and ecology: you are pulled up by a lift powered by the energy of the sun. But don't worry, you can still use the Solarbob when the sun isn't shining. An unforgettable experience.
The Solarbob wants to let you have fun and enjoy life, but it also wants to be the world’s first bobsled run which is operated in a carbon-neutral manner. A photovoltaic system based on the limitless energy of the sun creates the power necessary to pull the bob up. The sun as the center of our planetary system and the eternal life force helps us to achieve this.

Powered by solar energy, one or two people sitting in the bob can comfortable ascend the mountain by lift. Without having to change bobs, you make an exciting and fast descent. You can control the speed yourself by using a lever. You decide if you want to swoosh down at top speed or just roll down the run.

By the valley station, one can watch up-close in fascinating and informative manner how captured energy from the sun is transformed into electric and thermal energy used to power the bob-lift. Excess energy is then fed into the Elektra Baselland network, thus ensuring that the solar-bob is in action even without sun on a cloudy day, as the necessary energy can again be retrieved from the very same source!


From Basel by train and bus to Langenbruck/Unterdorf in an hour, transfer in Liestal to Waldenburg’s narrow gauge railroad, and in Waldenburg take the PostBus (Postauto); the Solarbob is is only one hundred meters from the PostBus stop. By car via the Liestal Valley and over the Upper Hauenstein (Pass) in 45 minute to Langenbruck.

General info

  • Outdoor
  • Experience Type: Adventure
  • Needed time: 2 to 4 hours (half day)
  • Suitable for: Children, Couples, Families, Individual

Solarbob Rodelbahn Langenbruck

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