Kunstmuseum Thurgau and Ittinger Museum


The Ittinger Museum and Kunstmuseum Thurgau are at the heart of the conference and cultural centre Ittingen Charterhouse. The idyllically located former monastery in Frauenfeld, Canton Thurgau, was home to communities of monks over many centuries.
The Ittinger Museum explores the history of the location and the peculiarities of the Carthusian order. The frescos in the rococo church tell the story of Saint Bruno, who founded the Carthusian order in the Middle Ages. In the austere cells, you can sense how the former inhabitants sought the closeness of God in silence and solitude.

The Kunstmuseum Thurgau, with its high-calibre collection and attractive temporary exhibitions, offers a fascinating counterpoint to the idyllic past of the former monastery. Among other things, it houses the legacies of Adolf Dietrich, Carl Roesch and Hans Krüsi.

Both museums offer extensive information services in the form of publications, tours and lectures.

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