Bernina Express

Local route No. 673, Samedan–Poschiavo
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Local route
No. 673 (Samedan–Poschiavo)
38 km
Ascent • Descent
↑ 950 m • ↓ 1650 m
Lowest point • Highest point
1011 m • 2276 m
Fitness level
On the Bernina Express you travel from the glaciers of the Engadine to an ice cream cone at the Mediterranean piazza of Poschiavo with many trail highlights in between. They make this tour one of the most beautiful in Switzerland. A classic!
The Bernina-Express tour is named after the legendary Rhaetian Railway train travelling through a UNESCO world heritage site to the Bernina Pass. The mountain bike route is no less spectacular: it starts in Samedan, past the glaciers of the Bernina range, across long gently rising sections, alternating with two steep but short ascents to the top of the Bernina Pass at 2200 meters. It would be a good idea to stop for a snack at Restaurant Belvedere Alp Grüm shortly after Lago Bianco. The view of the Palü glacier is simply stunning here. The technical and fun ride into the southern Puschlav valley is known for flat tires because of the many gullies, which means: take an extra hose and be careful. You quickly feel and smell the southern climate and the change in the vegetation. The super trail down to Poschiavo starts in Cavaglia. You have to cross the railway track several times and extra care is necessary. Both the railway line and the single trail are unparalleled here. The former was named a world heritage site by UNESCO, the latter is an epic trail according to the International Mountain Bike Association. Reaching the piazza of Poschiavo is as sweet as the gelato in the restaurant. To return to Ospizio Bernina and for a view of Poschiavo Lake we take the Rhaetian Railway. If you feel like it, you can hop off and take the downhill ride back to Pontresina for a triumphant finale to the tour. The leisurely alternative is to stay on the train until you reach Pontresina.

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