Viamala: Swimming at 300-meter depth

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A truly impressive play of nature. Technically easy and therefore particularly suitable for newbies and water rats - without abseiling and solely short jumps.
321 steps lead down to this technically easy canyon – where canyoning adventure without abseiling and solely short jumps suit complete newbies! With walls of rock towering up to an incredible 300 meters high, swimming and sliding is the only way to move ahead here. The Viamala canyon is best described as “aquatic” canyon in contrast to the “alpine” canyons, which often require abseiling with safety belts. Here gradients are gentler, with most of the way through the canyon achieved swimming or sliding – although a few optional jumps add a touch of excitement. Being keen on water is the only requirement to guarantee enjoyment in this special canyon!
Canyon: Viamala
Where: Thusis
Activities: Canyoning, Sightseeing
Levels of difficulty: +

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