Little Known Natural Wonder

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If you have always dreamed of a big adventure but decided to play it safe, this is your chance to quench your thirst for an adrenalin rush and true thrills.
The Wolfs Gorge near Wolfenschiessen is the perfect place to try one's hand at canyoning without seeming to be completely at the mercy of nature.
Here, one enters the gorge"s interior without further ado, one is wading through spray, jumping over cascades and cliffs, sliding through rapids, diving into an intensive adventure and lowering oneself by rope. Experience nature up close and personal. Thanks to excellent equipment and experienced guides, canyoning in the Wolfs Gorge is an unique adventure for those who enter these vorteces for the first time. Here you will be introduced to a real adventure!

How to get there:
Drive or take public transportation from Lucerne via Stans to Wolfenschiessen.

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