Grindelwald Glacial Gorge is an adventurous experience whatever the weather. For a thrilling experience, try balancing and climbing on the 170m² Spiderweb net hanging over the roaring Lütschine River.
The gorge in the Unterer Grindelwaldgletscher (Lower Grindelwald Glacier) is an impressive masterpiece of nature. It was at one time covered in glacial ice and has a series of rock galleries and tunnels, making it a favourite destination for excursions. Walking, listening, looking and feeling all become unique experiences in the glacier gorge The roaring waters of the Lütschine, the reflected light playing on the steep walls, the change in temperature and the cooling breeze all heighten the senses.
This adventure is divided into six themed experiences: becoming attuned, creation of the gorge, geology, water, glacier and mysticism. In summer, the gorge is also open on Friday evenings. It is an experience for young and old alike.
Extraordinary experience
For the ultimate kick, try the Canyon Swing. From a platform high above the gorge, adventure seekers can jump into the 90-metre deep abyss, attached to a rope. The free fall is halted by an 85-metre long rope, and the brave jumpers then swing several times through the narrow glacier gorge at speeds of up to 120 km/hour. This experience must be pre-booked.
Getting there: The gorge is a 35-minute walk from the centre of Grindelwald village, or you can take the bus from Grindelwald railway station to the Gletscherschlucht stop. There is a car park.

General info

  • Season: May - October
  • Outdoor
  • Suitable for: Children, Couples, Families, Groups, Individual
  • Needed time: 1-2 hours
  • Experience Type: Adventure, Nature

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