Solothurn’s Bucheggberg woodland hikes

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The Bucheggberger (Buechibärger) round-hike is a theme path that forms part of Solothurn’s woodland hikes. At times public excursions are offered - and many of the hiking routes provide interesting information on notice boards along the way.
Start and finish of the lengthy Bucheggberg hike is the parking lot next to the Schloss Buchegg castle in Kyburg-Buchegg

The hilly Bucheggberg landscape rises gently from the flat Mittelland plains - and the beauty of this cultural landscape with its gently rolling hills, field and forest mosaics, tidy farmhouse villages, hedgerows and woodpiles present an idyllic corner of the earth.

In the woods beech stocks remind one of the likelihood that the name Bucheggberg – translatable as beech mountain - is derived from the many beech trees with their attractive silver-grey bark and rust-red buds on delicate branches. These magnificent trees help shape the surrounding landscape - with views over the Jura and Bernese Alps further crowning the region’s beauty.

No structures spoil the sight of this natural paradise, despite the cultural landscape having been shaped by human hands. In primeval times there were no meadows, paths or footbridges here, instead solely oak, ash and elm trees together with pastures shaping the so-called Mülitäli (as viewed at the start of the theme hike). Nowadays natural landscapes free of all kinds of structures alongside streams are few and far between; yet here in this remote valley, only the peaceful murmuring of the Mülibach stream interrupts the sound of silence.

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