Kneipp Cures in Grächen


Two large Kneipp facilities in Grächen promote active relaxation for young and old. A successful diversion for the entire family!
In the Valaisian village of Grächen, on the sunny high plateau of the Mattertal Valley, there is a 2,500 square meter Kneipp garden, embedded in the natural landscape at the edge of the forest above Lake Grächen. The facility consists of three water-treading pools (one of them for children), an arm pool, a shower station, four large and small dry pools with pebbles, an herb garden and benches for resting. The second facility is in the “Taa”, in the middle of Grächen Forest.

Pastor Sebastian Kneipp was a visionary: Today Kneipping is very popular. Many Swiss resorts are now home to Kneipp facilities. Kneipp's teachings are based on five pillars: «Hydrotherapy», «Nutrition», «Physical Exercises», «Medicinal Herbs» and «A Harmonious Way of Life».

Central to it all is the experience that the mind can heal the body by sheer dint of willpower and that it can elevate it to a higher level. Taking the Kneipp cure is natural, inexpensive, risk-free and without side effects for people of all ages. Good health, wellbeing, efficiency and mental balance are the rewards.

General info

  • Needed time: 2 to 4 hours (half day)
  • Outdoor
  • Experience Type: Nature, Relax

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