The natural ice rink in the small village of Caux, which is accessible in 20 minutes by train from Montreux, welcomes ice skaters in an idyllic location.
The natural ice rink in Caux, which is located among trees in open countryside, is open to all ice-skating enthusiasts from the middle of December to the middle of March (temperatures permitting) and provides a jovial atmosphere.

The small village of Caux with its majestic palace hotel, its former grand hotel, its chapels and station has been able to maintain its Belle Époque charm.

In the past, famous stars such as Andrée Jolie and Pierre Brunet, skated on the Caux ice rink. Furthermore, until well into the fifties, it served as training venue for the Montreux-Caux Curling Club. Nowadays the ice rink is open to the general public and, due to the low admission prices, is particularly popular with families.

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