The Ostabfahrt in Toggenburg takes you across a very diverse landscape with varied terrain. The piste starts on the Chäserrugg, the panoramic highest point in this ski area, and ends in Unterwasser.
There are spectacular views to be enjoyed on the Chäserrugg, the easternmost summit of the seven Churfirsten. On its northern slope there are some beautiful pistes affording no end of fun on the snow. One of them is located to the east of the cableway and so is simply called the "Ostabfahrt" (eastern descent). It is a bit steep higher up before running into a wide pan. The route down the mountain into the valley takes you through a wide range of terrain as you pass jagged rocks, go through forests and cross snow-covered karst fields and Alpine pastures.


Starting point: Chäserrugg (2262 m a.s.l.)

Accessibility of starting point: chairlift, mountain train

Destination: Unterwasser (910 m a.s.l.)

Length: 8km

Altitude difference: 910 Meter

Gradient: 35% (average), 43% (maximum)

Level of difficulty: medium (normal slope)

Food and beverages: At the start, on the way and at the end

Toggenburg Tourismus

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