Munot has been proudly overlooking the town of Schaffhausen for well over 400 years. The tower contains the quarters of the Munot watchman, who rings the famous Munot bell for five minutes every evening at 9 p.m. – by hand, of course, just like in 1589.
After Schaffhausen joined the Swiss Confederation in 1501, and particularly after the Reformation in 1529, there was a desire to strengthen the city’s fortifications. Munot was built over 25 years, partially through slave labour.
Some features of Munot indicate that the Schaffhausen residents were not only interested in fortifying the city, but also in creating an impressive, representative building. Soon after its completion, doubts began to arise as to whether the Munot fortifications would withstand the increasingly powerful artillery. However Munot was only under military occupation once. In 1799, the French holed up in Munot against the Austrians on their way back home. However, after a brief skirmish, they fled across the Rhine.
From the battlements you can enjoy a wonderful view over the old town and the river landscape of the Rhine.

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