Small yet beautiful. The oldest Baroque theatre in Switzerland is in Solothurn and it boasts a superb theatrical programme. Newly renovated, its modern architecture enables its Baroque charm to shine in a whole new light.
Baroque meets modern elements – and doubly so at the Stadttheater in Solothurn: the 17th century building has a long theatrical tradition and was first used for the Jesuits' school performances. A renovation of the auditorium in 1753/54 earned it the reputation of Switzerland's most beautiful theatre back in the 18th century. 20 years later, Felix Joseph Wirz, who also decorated many of the altars in St. Ursus Cathedral, adorned the balustrades of the theatre with Baroque frescoes. Following a complete refurbishment of the theatre in 2013-14, the frescoes in Switzerland's oldest auditorium have been restored to their former glory and will astonish any Baroque lover. In contrast, a hint of Guggenheim architecture can be seen in the redesigned foyer and public area, where a spiralling balustrade leads visitors up floor by floor to the highest seats.

The Stadttheater offers guided tours of the theatre, so visitors can experience the stage from the artists' point of view. From the wardrobe to make-up, they can find out just how the actors prepare for their performance.

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