Fürenwand Via ferrata - the master's challenge opposite Titlis


A fine example of the Alpine via ferrata, set in stunning scenery. With good safety "- wire ropes, iron pins and some ladders, as well as an iron rope ladder.
K 4. Up to now, the very steep and high Fürenwand could only be mastered with some technically very difficult climbing. The steep, exposed via ferrata now makes it possible to enjoy a completely new experience of the vertical. This via ferrata is definitely not for beginners or those with a fear of heights.

Start- and end-point
Valley station for the Engelberg-Fürenalp cable-car, which also has car parking available. In summer, a bus runs from Engelberg rail station to the valley station (1,085 m). The mountain station is at 1,840 metres.

From the valley station of the Fürenalpbahn, you follow the road heading towards Herrenrüti. After around 1,140 metres, turn left at the signpost (Fürenwand via ferrata). Follow the path with the blue-white-blue markers in a number of zig-zags to the start point, at the foot of the mighty Fürenhochflue (sign at 1,240 metres).

Fürenwand via ferrata
The first section uses wire ropes, keeping to the right beneath a steep corner. There are further steep climbs over a smooth rock ridge to keep the nerves tingling. The view down below becomes ever more impressive, and walkers on the Herrenrüti smaller and smaller. After the 250-metre high first rock wall, you reach the"Jägerband-", an outcrop of grass and trees visible from far below. Using the wire ropes, you reach the upper section of the wall. Emerging from the Fürenwand across the iron rope ladder is a final test of resolve and effort. The route then leads via the marked route to the Bergrestaurant Fürenalp.

Via the Engelberg-Fürenalp cable-car. Various marked mountain paths lead via Äbnet, Stäuber-Stäfeli-Alpenrösli or Dagenstal back down to the Fürenalpbahn valley station.

Eugen E. Hüsler/Daniel Anker: Wandern vertikal. Die Klettersteige der Schweiz, AT Verlag, Baden 2004

Region: Central Switzerland, Engelberg
Peak: The one drawback with this via ferrata is that it does not finish on a peak, but at the mountain station of the Engelberg-Fürenalp cable-car, right by the Bergrestaurant Fürenalp.
Time required: walk-in from the valley station of the Engelberg-Fürenalp cable-car, 30 minutes. Via ferrata 3 hours. Climb to the mountain cable-car station 10 minutes. Total around 4 hours.
Variation in height: 750 metres

Luftseilbahn Engelberg - Fürenalp AG

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