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Meride is located at the foot of Monte San Giorgio, which is particularly famous for its fossil finds. The village, which follows a winding path along the main street, lies amidst a landscape defined by viticulture.
The village of Meride was first mentioned in the year 853 under the name of “Melede”. Silkworm breeding once played a central role here, while later the focus was on viticulture. Following the decline in wine production in the 19th century, viticulture has recently experienced a major revival with the cultivation of new grape varieties. As a result, the village at the foot of the forested Monte San Giorgio is now surrounded by vineyards.

Despite its modest size, Meride boasts numerous impressive buildings along its main street and narrow side streets, creating a decidedly compact village centre. Most of the buildings are from the 16th to 18th centuries and have spacious courtyards with colonnades, elaborate cobblestones, elegant iron doors and wall fountains.

The San Rocco church in the centre of the village sits on a square, from which beautiful views of the valley landscape can be enjoyed. The village’s second church, San Silvestro, perches atop a hill accessed via a cobbled path just outside the village. It boasts impressive Baroque frescoes by painter Francesco Antonio Giorgioli. Meride is known for its fossil museum in a palazzo remodelled by the Ticino architect Mario Botta. It showcases the most beautiful selection of finds from the Triassic period, which has seen Monte San Giorgio granted UNESCO World Heritage status.
ISOS is the Federal Inventory of Swiss Heritage Sites of national importance. The inventory is maintained by the Federal Office of Culture (FOC) and lists the most significant settlements in Switzerland. Today, some 1,200 places are included in the inventory, from hamlets right through to cities. The inventory provides information on the development and identity of the settlements listed in it, thereby contributing to the preservation of architectural diversity in Switzerland and promoting both sustainable planning and a high-quality Baukultur.
Parking in Meride is very limited and it is advisable to visit the town by public transport.
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From 1 o'clock slightly cloudy. Temperatures at night 15, in the afternoon 23 degrees.16°



From 1 o'clock slightly cloudy. Temperatures at night 15, in the afternoon 23 degrees.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What activities are popular in Meride?

What types of activities are available in Meride?

In Meride, you can engage in the following types of activities: Hike and Camping.

What places are located near Meride?

Near Meride, you can find Mendrisio and Chiasso.

Which public transport options are available to reach Meride?

Meride is accessible by car.