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From 8 o'clock low clouds. Temperatures between 17 and 25 degrees.17°

Lake Murten

Lake Murten, nestled between the medieval town of Murten and the Fribourg Riviera with its vineyards on Mont Vully, is the smallest of the three Jura lakes. The small but charming lake with a cruiser service delights guests with its sandy beaches, is considered a water sports mecca and is surrounded by various hiking and biking routes.
With an area of just 22.8 square kilometres, Lake Murten is the smallest lake in the Three-Lakes Region. Thanks to its shallow depth, it is quickly warmed by the sun and is a popular lake for swimming in from spring until autumn. So it’s hardly surprising that there are numerous beaches and campsites that can be found around the lake. Some of the most beautiful beaches are Salavaux, Europe’s longest natural freshwater sandy beach, Muntelier and Avenches. And the water sports mecca of Switzerland offers even more for fans of the water: from stand up paddling to wakeboarding, and from waterskiing to windsurfing and sailing, the offer is almost limitless. Incidentally, thanks to the canals that connect the Jura lakes, sailors have an even greater area to explore. 

Hiking or biking around the lake

Thanks to the manageable size of Lake Murten and the relatively flat terrain, cyclists and e-bikers are just as drawn to the lake as hikers. Countless cycling and hiking routes lead guests through the Lake Murten Region, with the round trip bike tour and gourmet tour around Lake Murten as well as the Lake Murten trail coming highly recommended.

Boat trip: pure indulgence

For connoisseurs and sun worshippers, a boat trip on Lake Murten is well worthwhile. The round trip lasts a good hour. If you can’t get enough of the wind, choose the Two-Lakes Cruise, which takes guests through the Broye Canal to Neuchâtel (1.5 hours), or the three-hour Three-Lakes Cruise, which also takes guests through the Zihl Canal into Lake Biel and all the way to Biel/Bienne.

Murten: Stroll through the picturesque alleys of the old town

The small town of Murten is situated on a hill on the southeastern shore of Lake Murten and owes its founding around the year 1170 to the Zähringers. The town has preserved its historical character with its picturesque old town alleys and pleasant arcades. Strolling through the pretty alleys is a must, as is a visit to the circular wall and a walk along the beautiful lakeside promenade. A walkway leads along the reed belt to the opposite lake shore in the vineyard area of Mont Vully. 

Vully: The smallest of the great wine regions 

Vully is the sun-kissed riviera of Lake Murten. Mont Vully, a hill chain between Lake Murten and Lake Neuchâtel, is a popular hiking area and offers a magnificent panoramic view of the lakes, the Jura chain and the Alps. Refreshing white wines thrive on the south-facing slopes. With 150 hectares of vines, the vineyard of Vully is the smallest of the great wine regions. In the pretty villages, numerous wine cellars invite you in for a tasting. Recommended themed hikes include the Reblehrpfad (Viticultural trail Vully), the Weinwanderung (wine hike) Vully and the Historische Pfad (historical trail) Vully.

SlowUp: Travel at a leisurely pace

Every April at the SlowUp Lake Murten, the road around the lake belongs for once to non-motorised road users. Around 30,000 cyclists, inline skaters and pedestrians enjoy the car-free lake tour. A detour to the adjacent Grosse Moos, the vegetable garden of Switzerland, leads to the Gemüsepfad (vegetable trail) with its 60 vegetable varieties.

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From 8 o'clock low clouds. Temperatures between 17 and 25 degrees.17°

Lake Murten


From 8 o'clock low clouds. Temperatures between 17 and 25 degrees.