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Le Prese

Halfway between the alpine glacier environment of the Bernina region and the Mediterranean-style winegrowing terraces of Valtellina you’ll find the little village of Le Prese, on a plain north of Lake Poschiavo.
Valposchiavo, an Italian-speaking valley in southern Graubünden that stretches from the Bernina Pass to Valtellina, is best explored by riding the Rhaetian Railway. The route, which incorporates the Albula and Bernina passes, was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2008 and offers spectacular views of the distinctive natural and cultural landscape of Valposchiavo.

There are plenty of enticing spots to stop off along the way – one of which is Le Prese. This village nestles between steep mountain slopes, right on the shores of Lake Poschiavo. Formed as a result of a prehistoric rock fall, the lake attracts nature lovers and sports enthusiasts alike, whether for a refreshing dip in summer, fishing, surfing or a leisurely walk along the shore.

Le Prese is also known for herbal tea cultivation. Over 30 organic tea herbs and flowering plants are grown here, and the scents in summer give Le Prese an atmosphere of its very own.

Le Prese is a good base for hiking and bike excursions, while regular train and bus connections extend the available options considerably, transporting visitors conveniently to all the surrounding attractions. These include the main town of Poschiavo, with its cobbled streets and stately, stone-covered patrician houses; the nature reserve of Val da Camp with its lush alpine flora and the enchanting mountain lakes of Lagh da Saoseo and Lagh da Val Viola; the impressive glacier mills of Cavaglia; and finally – a few minutes by train down the valley – the smuggling and wine museum and the unique circular viaduct of the Rhaetian Railway in Brusio.
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From 20 o'clock cloudy. Temperatures around 21 degrees.22°

Le Prese


From 20 o'clock cloudy. Temperatures around 21 degrees.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What activities are popular in Le Prese?

Some popular activities are: Camping Cavresc and Poschiavo–San Romerio.

What types of activities are available in Le Prese?

In Le Prese, you can engage in the following types of activities: Camping and Mountain bike.

What places are located near Le Prese?

Near Le Prese, you can find Poschiavo.