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From 10 to 19 light showers with dry intervals. From 20 o'clock overcast. Temperatures between 4 and 8 degrees.

Aargau – Solothurn region

Off the beaten track? A far cry from mass tourism? And still breathtakingly beautiful? The incredible becomes credible in the Aargau-Solothurn region. Every time. And everywhere. Idyllic, untouched landscapes, small towns with urban attractions and sports facilities that will get you up to speed quickly. Aargau-Solothurn is a region of great diversity, constant surprises and endless beauty. From national cultural events and wellness oases that are second to none to internationally-renowned jewels of the baroque – this region has it all. Just a little more personal and beautiful. Now let’s get going before everyone discovers the Aargau-Solothurn region.

Art, culture and architecture

How could you fail to fall in love with these historic old towns, that immediately invoke a sense of romance? After all, they manage to combine their historic past with modern trends. Welcome to Solothurn, the most beautiful Baroque town in Switzerland. Welcome as well to the pretty old town of Olten, one of no fewer than 13 old towns in Aargau that are worth seeing, such as Aarau, Baden, Lenzburg or Rheinfelden. And that’s not to mention the multiple, diverse museums. And of course the sheer number of historical buildings means you’ll find palaces and castles, major cultural events and mysterious stories around almost every corner. A region that preserves its exclusive culture with care.

Nature, non-motorised traffic and hiking

Would you like to get back on the road again? Then the Aargau-Solothurn region will get you going. Get to know the entire region on excellent bike tours and hiking routes with a culinary focus. Close to nature through lush meadows, leading the way through cool forests and enchanting floodplains. The Aargau-Solothurn region is rich in natural treasures. Whether you choose hiking in the Jura hills or along the Aare, or cycling in the Bucheggberg or over hill and dale in Aargau – in this region, nobody is left behind.

Recovery, wellness and enjoyment

Of course, in the Aargau-Solothurn region you can also just relax and rest your weary bones. But not without feeling better by evening and regaining your strength. A visit to one of the fantastic thermal baths in Aargau works wonders. But first a trip to a power spot. That's right: Recharge your batteries in a very special way. Sometimes extraordinary, sometimes spiritual – all experiences are unforgettable. And encourage the desire to eat well in a pleasant atmosphere. From highly decorated GaultMillau restaurants to simply the best bratwurst in a mountain hut – everything is possible in the Aargau-Solothurn region. Just more personal.

Research, education and high-tech

The fact that learning and research can be great fun is shown at close quarters in the Umwelt Arena Switzerland in Spreitenbach. Aargau also has a surprise in store, with the Paul Scherrer Institute in Villigen, Switzerland’s largest research institute for science and engineering. The Aargau-Solothurn region helps ensure that the old is not forgotten while also promoting innovation.

Events, seminars and congresses

It goes without saying that a region with so much history, top-class culture and untouched nature is pretty much designed to host events, seminars and congresses. Be it highly professional venues or sparkling event locations in an industrial wasteland – there is certainly no lack of extraordinary venues in the region. And with the varied supporting program, good accessibility and event organisation by local tourism contributors, every occasion becomes a celebration. A region with that certain something.
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From 10 to 19 light showers with dry intervals. From 20 o'clock overcast. Temperatures between 4 and 8 degrees.

Aargau – Solothurn region


From 10 to 19 light showers with dry intervals. From 20 o'clock overcast. Temperatures between 4 and 8 degrees.