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UNESCO Biosphere Entlebuch

Seemingly endless moorlands, craggy karst formations and wild mountain streams make for special experiences and views. Switzerland's first biosphere reserve offers natural beauty at its finest. Almost no other region in Switzerland has as many natural treasures as the “Wild West” of Lucerne.
Hardly any other region in Switzerland possesses as many natural treasures as does Lucerne's "Wild West". Switzerland's most extensive and numerous moorlands are found here as are a flora and fauna of (inter)national importance. It is no wonder that Entlebuch was designated by UNESCO as the first biosphere reserve in Switzerland. Within the worldwide network of biosphere reserves, Entlebuch represents pre-Alpine moorland and karst landscapes.

Over an area of 400 square kilometres a mystical world unfolds with its promise of peace, inspiration and relaxation - unspoilt moorlands, idyllic Alpine pastures and the majestically towering Schrattenfluh make for experiences of a very special kind indeed.

But it is not only peace and relaxation in unspoilt nature that the UNESCO Biosphere Entlebuch offers. It also boasts a wide range of leisure activities. There is an enormous choice including the energy and fairytale trails, Kneipp facilities, mud baths, satellite-guided hiking and field trips. Even from a historical and cultural point of view, the region has much to offer - the ancient craft of charcoal burning in Romoos and the pilgrimage site of Heiligkreuz are just highlights of a visit to the largest book in the world.

20 years UNESCO Biosphere Entlebuch

The horizon had darkened dramatically in the Entlebuch when on December 6, 1987, the Rothenthurm Initiative for a comprehensive protection of the moorlands was accepted. The outcome of the vote in favor of moorland protection left the people of Entlebuch, especially those employed in agriculture and tourism, somewhat perplexed. The region threatened to degenerate into a reserve. But the people of Entlebuch set out for new horizons and, with a great deal of commitment and heart and soul, got their region moving together. Together, they focused on genuinely sustainable action in all areas, promoted regional development and value creation with their own brand and certified regional products, made a strong case for gentle tourism with nature- and climate-compatible offers, promoted renewable energies and actively communicated to a diverse and steadily growing audience in the sense of an educational mission. Apparently so well that the Entlebuch Biosphere was elevated to a model biosphere for the world on the occasion of the ten-yearly review by UNESCO in 2011. We are proud of this and continue to work on it. Together with our population.

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Late in the evening high clouds. Temperatures around 18 degrees.18°

UNESCO Biosphere Entlebuch


Late in the evening high clouds. Temperatures around 18 degrees.