In the evening high clouds. Temperatures between 19 and 28 degrees.28°


The small medieval town of Diessenhofen lies right on the Rhine, which forms the border with Germany here. From the opposite riverbank, the town has a striking silhouette, with its high church tower and Unterhof Castle.
History has very much left its mark on Diessenhofen. Once inhabited by the Romans, the remnants of the former watchtowers are still there today to tell this tale. The impressive medieval old town, which includes Unterhof Castle, is surrounded by the largely preserved town wall. In 1460, the Confederates took control of the formerly independent town. Later, during the Napoleonic Wars, it was occupied by Austrian, Russian and French troops and – above all during the Second World War – suffered due to the border situation. The buildings that define today’s townscape mainly date back to the Middle Ages and Baroque era. The Siegelturm clock tower, town hall, Oberhof Castle and the two Amtshäuser administrative buildings are sights to be seen. 

It is also worth wandering through the pretty Marktgasse. The houses on this street all follow the same building line, which ensures a magnificent view along the entire street and makes for a lovely photo. The moat, though now filled in, and the Siegelturm separate the old town from a slightly newer suburb. The Geisslibach river runs through the former mill district before flowing into the Rhine below the Castle. 

Diessenhofen lies between Schaffhausen and Stein am Rhein, and entices visitors with a boat trip and walks along one of the most magical sections of the Rhine.
ISOS is the Federal Inventory of Swiss Heritage Sites of national importance. The inventory is maintained by the Federal Office of Culture (FOC) and lists the most significant settlements in Switzerland. Today, some 1,200 places are included in the inventory, from hamlets right through to cities. The inventory provides information on the development and identity of the settlements listed in it, thereby contributing to the preservation of architectural diversity in Switzerland and promoting both sustainable planning and a high-quality Baukultur.
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In the evening high clouds. Temperatures between 19 and 28 degrees.28°



In the evening high clouds. Temperatures between 19 and 28 degrees.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What activities are popular in Diessenhofen?

Some popular activities are: Camping Läui "Dschungel", Captain for a day and ViaRhenana.

What types of activities are available in Diessenhofen?

In Diessenhofen, you can engage in the following types of activities: Camping and Hike.

What places are located near Diessenhofen?

Near Diessenhofen, you can find Hallau and Ramsen.