The drawing functions of

Create a new drawing

The drawing mode is activated by clicking on "Draw on map". The actual segment of the map is used as starting point for the new drawing. Next to the map on the right the drawing tools and other functions appears. By selecting the appropriate tool you can draw and place objects directly on the map. Do not forget to save your drawing by clicking on "save".

The drawing mode deactivates the infoboxes of the pois (place of interes) on the map. However, the actual settings are saved with the drawing. The same symbols will be displayed in the normal view as in the drawing mode.

To make the drawing accessible to other users, simply copy the url from your web browser. You can send it as well by using the function "Send as e-mail".


Moving and zooming on the mapHand

You can move and zoom on the map with your mouse in the familiar way. Zoom in with the left mouse button and zoom out by using the right mouse button.

Selectiontool Selection

An object on the map is selected by clicking once on it. Use the shift key while clicking to select several objects. The selected objects can be moved with the mouse. If you change an attribute, all selected objects will be afected. Marks and text objects can furthermore be edited by double clicking on them. Double click a path line to insert a new vertice.

Rectangeltool Rectangle

Drag the mouse cursor on the map to create a rectangle. With the selectiontool activated afterwards, you can move the rectangle, resize it and change its color and line width.

Ellipsetool Circle/Ellipse

Drag the mouse cursor on the map to create an ellipse. Use the shift key to draw a circle. You can move the ellipse with the selectiontool afterwards or change the color, size or its line width.

Pathtool Path

Each click on the map creates a point of the path. Use <Enter> to finish, <Esc> to cancel. If you click close to the starting point the path will be closed to a polygon. The path will be created with the actual settings (color, line width).

Texttool Text

A click on the map opens a menu for the text input. To terminate the entry just click somehwere outside the menu. Click <Esc> to cancel. With the selectiontool activated afterwards, you can move the text and select a reference point. The red corner is used as reference for the positioning on the map. Double click on the text to edit it.

Arrows Arrow

On each click an arrow is placed on the map. You can change color and positioning afterwards with the selectiontool.

Marks/Points of Interest Point

on each click a new point of interest (poi) is positioned on the map. You can change and move the points afterwards with the selectiontool. Double click on the point to edit the description. The description will be shown, if you move your mouse over the point.

Import Upload

Instead of manually create each object on the drawing you can import the following file formats: Google-Earth (.kml, .kmz) or GPS-Exchange (.gpx). The points, pathes and polygones will be positioned directly on the map. Please note, that only chosen types will be considered.

Remove objects Remove

The selected objects will be removed irrevocably from the drawing with this functon.

Save drawings and reedit

All changes will only be saved definitely by clicking the button "save". Undo not saved changes by reloading the website (with the function of your browser "Reload current page"). You'll return to the last saved version of your drawing.

As creator of a drawing you'll be directly in the edit mode of the drawing by calling the URL of the drawing. You can change your drawing instantly. To allow other users to edit your drawing copy the URL from the "Edit link" and mail it to the appropriate editors.


To use the drawing methods of in its entirety, you'll need one of the following browsers in the mentioned version or higher.

  • Firefox 1.5
  • Internet Explorer 6
  • Apple Safari 2
  • Opera 9

No special requirements needed for the non-edit mode.