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Oelist GmbH

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Oil miller. By conviction

Simon Müller is an oil miller. He didn't always do that, but in 2010 when he discovered his passion for oils and their healing and health-promoting properties, little held him back. He quickly immersed himself in the world of seeds and nuts and became a Swiss pioneer of cold-pressed oils with the founding of Oelist. For over ten years, he has been running the family business together with his wife Sandra Müller-Karrer, where he brings his knowledge of oil plants and their processing into high-quality, natural oils and thus quickly became a competent manufacturer of organic oils in the heart of Kleinbasel. In the more than ten-year history, Oelist has grown - personally and professionally: whether it is in specialist workshops, collaborations with the cosmetics manufacturer "Bea Nature" and "Finkmüller - Coffee & Fine Goods", or in supplying top restaurants throughout Switzerland.

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