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Dr. med. Orlando Del Don
Ambulatorio Psichiatrico con Day Hospital, Atelier Creativo
Via Camminata 5
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My Way Services

My Way Services was born from the experience of the Centro Indipendenza in Bellinzona and is the professional expression of its director and founder, Dr. Med. Orlando Del Don, FMH specialist in psychiatry.

The team is made up of competent professionals in fields that, within the structure, integrate and coordinate with each other: psychiatrists, psychotherapists, psychoanalysts, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, nurses and animators.

My Way wants to offer its users a new and current view of psychic symptoms and discomforts.

The person is no longer seen as a patient with a clear, standardised diagnosis.

As a world of its own, the individual needs attention and tailor-made projects in order to regain full control of his or her life and achieve self-realisation.

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There is no such thing as a patient, there is no such thing as a sick person. There is the person with his personality, his problems, his bad moments. But also with his best qualities that we try, together, to bring out.

My Way Services Team

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Sportello Arcobaleno – Conoscere e supportare il mondo LGBTQ+

Sportello Arcobaleno, lo spazio informativo e di accoglienza promosso dalla My Way Services di Bellinzona. Dedicato alla comunità LGBTQAPK+ e a tutti i cittadini, lo sportello si occupa di garantire uno spazio informativo, di ascolto, accoglienza e sostegno per le persone che affrontano dubbi o malesseri rispetto all’identità di genere e/o all’orientamento sessuale, per le famiglie e per tutti coloro che desiderano essere informati o supportati.

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