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Pulh & Iuncker Sàrl

Artisants paysagistes à Genève
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Originally from Geneva, our team, made up of holders of federal certificates as landscape horticulturists, horticulturists specializing in the production of perennial plants, as well as metal constructors, has unique know-how in the design, creation and maintenance of gardens. .

Our method is based on listening to the customer: his tastes, his way of life, his desires and his needs.

We will devote a lot of time to your project to get to know you and create the garden that suits you.

​Whether it is modern, bucolic, English, exotic, Zen, mineral or mixed, we put as much energy into each project, so that you can feel good there, in a garden that represents you and can become an extension of your home, a living room in its own right, even in winter.


Whether it is for a complete design, a simple layout or the modification of part of your garden, this first goes through the design phase.

Thanks to our experience, from a simple idea we will be able to accompany you or guide you on a design of development as well as the materials and plants adapted to the situation.

And this during a first free date:​

State of your garden
Consideration and discussion around your specifications (style of garden, colors, type of materials,...)
Realization of a development plan + 3D perspective
Choice of plants and materials
Complete presentation file

If you like the project and after having adjusted the possible details we will then prepare your offer.


Our creative team, originally from Geneva, competent and graduate of the Lullier School of Horticulture, puts its complementary know-how at your service from the start to the finalization of your projects and offers you the following designs in particular:

✔ Terrace (tile, paving, natural stone, wood and composite)
✔ Landscape masonry (low wall, retaining walls, stairs, etc.)
✔ Permeable floor coverings (gravel, nidagravel, etc.)
✔ Automatic watering systems (nozzle, drip drip, etc.)
✔ Fence, gate and gate✔ Decorative structure (pergola, screen panel, themed games, etc.)
✔ Garden mood lighting
✔ Planting of all types of plants
✔ English-style beds, "mixed border" and naturalist garden
✔ Bespoke landscape metal constructions (pergola, planter, etc.)

Landscape metal constructions

Over time and thanks to our qualified team, we have specialized in landscape metal construction and in particular the work of ''Corten'' steel.

We are therefore able to meet the demands and needs of constructions and metal structures for all types of exterior fittings.

We build and install:

Planters and tubs of all sizes and styles
Boundaries and retaining walls
Simple pergolas, equipped with electric or vegetated blinds
Various structures
Style elements
We make it a point of honor to perfectly integrate our constructions into your garden
Both modern and timeless, steel will bring your garden to life.


Our team of qualified and passionate landscapers is able to identify and meet your needs not only in terms of classic maintenance, but also to take care of plants requiring special care.

✔ Maintenance of lawns and meadows
✔ Trimming of hedges and topiary
✔ Pruning of ornamental trees and shrubs
✔ Pruning of roses, fruit trees and berry bushes
✔ Weeding
✔ Cleaning hard surfaces
✔ Mulching, fertilizing and mulching
✔ Blowing and picking up dead leaves

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