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Armeria Blockhouse Sagl

caccia, tiro sportivo, tactical, customizzazione / personalizzazione di armi ed accessori, collezionismo e servizio riparazioni.
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Armeria BlockHouse: Your Ultimate Destination for the World of Firearms in Ticino, Switzerland


Armeria BlockHouse is the ultimate destination for enthusiasts in the world of firearms in Ticino, Switzerland. With a physical store in Camorino and an online shop, we are committed to providing comprehensive services in the areas of hunting, sports shooting, tactical, weapon customization, collecting, and repair services.


In 2015, a bold idea was born during a day of shooting among friends. In 2017, Armeria Blockhouse Sagl became a reality in Camorino. Since then, we have grown and matured, thanks to the support of our customers and the passion of our team.

The Blockhouse Team

With a dedicated and passionate team, Armeria BlockHouse is led by Paolo Cuccu, an experienced gunsmith in sports shooting. With him are Sara Rossi, an interior designer and sports shooting enthusiast, Thomas, versatile and creative, and the young gunsmith Matteo Chiappa. Our team combines technical skills, passion, and dedication.

Our Values

  • Human Factor: We place the person at the center of everything, from our team to customers. Investing in the human factor is essential to tackle challenges and build lasting relationships.

  • Willpower: We believe that willpower is the most powerful engine. The customer's will guides our work, motivating us to constantly improve.

  • Well-being: Every project has a reason to exist if it generates well-being. Customer satisfaction is our indicator of business success.

  • Respect: Respect is fundamental in relationships with customers and among ourselves. We don't take it for granted but cultivate it in every interaction.

  • Professionalism: Concreteness is the key. We work constantly to ensure the highest level of professionalism and serve the customer to the best of our ability.

  • Honesty: We offer honesty in every interaction. It is an indispensable principle, both in everyday life and in business.

  • Solidity: We are a "family" committed to preserving the entrepreneurial spirit. Solidity is the foundation on which we build our future.

  • Improvement and Innovation: We are protagonists in shaping the future.

Our commitment to improvement and innovation is our secret to constant growth.


  • BlockHouse Workshop: The workshop is equipped to handle every need, from maintenance to extraordinary repairs. We mount optics, accessories, and restore weapons with attention to detail.

  • Customization with Cerakote: The BGW customization service offers painting with Cerakote products directly at our location. From idea to realization, we transform your dream into reality.

  • Specialized Consultation: Our consultation service guides customers in every aspect of the world of firearms, from purchase to insurance appraisal. We are here to provide personalized assessments.

  • Physical Store and Online Shop: Our physical store in Camorino is a place of experience, offering not only products but also shooting courses, workshops, and conferences. The online shop expands our presence nationally.

  • Participation in Industry Fairs: We are proud to participate in the most important industry fairs, bringing our passion and expertise directly to firearm enthusiasts.

Armeria BlockHouse is more than just a store; it is a complete experience for firearm enthusiasts in Ticino and beyond.

Step into our world and discover the quality, passion, and service that set us apart.

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