Al Boteghin dal Pan Birichin

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Al Boteghin dal Pan Birichin

Igor Ignazitto
Panetteria - Formaggieria
Via San Gottardo 78
6596 Gordola TI


Phone 091 745 36 37 *
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Al Boteghin dal Pan Birichin cheese bakery

Come and visit us, you will find:

Assortment of local and Swiss cheeses at km0.

Products and specialities from Valtellina and Bergamo.

Fondue of different flavours ready-made or even freshly prepared with flavours of your choice.

Over 10 qualities of raclette and much more to discover.

We also prepare rich dishes for aperitifs of all kinds.

At Noi il Forno the bakery is always open for a wide choice of baked goods, from sweet to savoury.

Cakes for every occasion.

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