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Thoenen Bauunternehmung AG is a more than 100 year old company with approx. 50 employees, mainly active in Saanenland.

-Products and services

-building construction

-civil engineering

-road construction

  • Bach barriers

-Core drilling and concrete cutting

-snow evictions Our certificates (ISO 9001: 2008) Quality Management System (ISO 14001: 2004) Environmental Management System (OHSAS 18001: 2007) Occupational Safety and Health Management System building construction We build hotels and luxury apartments, buildings for locals, businesses or agriculture. As a local construction company, we have been shaping the landscape in and around Gstaad for more than 100 years with our buildings. Sustainable construction quality is important to us. In addition, we comply with cost and time requirements and pay attention to the safety of our employees. Civil engineering and road construction Civil engineering has a long tradition at Thoenen. Be it in road, bridge and line construction or in the construction of hydropower plants: our construction company has been developing the Gstaad / Saanenland region since the Wilhelminian era. exposed concrete Structural concrete components must meet high aesthetic requirements. Planners and builders trust us because we rely on careful peeling and careful concreting. snow removal In the winter, we clear the snow off the roads reliably and quickly and secure our year-round sites with the snow removal service. transports Cranes, large components or gravel transports. We move everything and do not shy away from the special, such as transport and put back a filigree, ten-meter-high steel rose. excavation work Excavation works almost every construction. With our excavators in every size we meet all requirements such as space, functionality and excavation. Drilling concrete, separating and dismantling We are modern equipped for the demolition of concrete. Break off completely, remove individual components or remove plasters, coatings or concrete by the centimeter. With demolition robots, concrete milling machines and concrete core drilling machines, we can crack any hard shell. gravel production We supply our construction sites with self-made gravel. We use demolition materials in an environmentally friendly manner and with a waste management license. The resulting building materials are subjected to regular checks.

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