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ERA - Wohnen im Seeland Immobilien GmbH

Birgit Schönhofen-Knuchel und Cornelia Wälti
Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance und Intl. Marketing
Hauptstrasse 49
2560 Nidau BE


Phone 032 323 01 04 *
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ERA Wohnen im Seeland Immobilien GmbH - Wer sind wir?

We don't just sell real estate!

We are there for you from the 1st conversation to the move.

We, Birgit Schönhofen-Knuchel, owner, and Cornelia Wälti, partner, will sell your property efficiently and professionally for you in the Biel region, the Seeland as far as Bern and Murten.

Our real estate valuations are free of charge for apartments and detached houses. Let us advise you! 

We can also help you with clearing, disposal, moving, etc. And we have experts on hand to help you with retirement, pension and tax issues and other matters. Just ask us.

We broker almost all types of property, single-family homes, apartment buildings, condominiums, commercial properties, industrial buildings and other residential, commercial and investment properties.

Customers come mainly from the (Bernese) Seeland, e.g. Biel/Bienne, Nidau, Lengnau, Bellmund, Brügg, Leubringen-Evilard, Sutz-Lattrigen, Lyss, Port, Aegerten, Ligerz, Büren a.A., Magglingen-Macolin, Täuffelen, Aarberg, Mörigen, Studen, Orpund, Ipsach, Pieterlen, Grenchen, Twann-Tüscherz, Busswil, Safnern, Murten, Suberg, Kerzers, Meinisberg, Muntelier, Gals, Kappelen, Lüscherz, Ins - as well as other towns in the cantons of Berne and Solothurn.

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