Reinshagen Helga

Reinshagen, Helga

Dr. med. ADMEDICO Augenzentrum, Spezialärztin FMH für Augenheilkunde und Augenchirurgie
Spitalareal Haus M
Fährweg 10
4600 Olten SO


Fax 062 206 87 38 *
Hauptnummer 062 206 87 37 * Interdisziplinäres Zentrum für Endokrine Orbitopathie 062 206 87 37 *
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Welcome to the ADMEDICO Eye Center

At the ADMEDICO Eye Center, you will receive care for all aspects of your vision and appearance.
Our well-coordinated team of ophthalmologists, optometrists and orthoptists will accompany you from the initial contact to the satisfactory result.
From the ophthalmological examination to the school of vision and on to operative
interventions - the ADMEDICO Eye Center offers you a comprehensive range of services.
We will also find the optimal solution for your eyes.

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