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Hotel Restaurant Roseg Gletscher

Hotel - Restaurant - Self Service
Via Val Roseg
7504 Pontresina GR


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Take a seat and take a ride through a fairyland - La Val Roseg

Welcome to our picturesque Val Roseg. Relax and let the uniqueness of nature and the tranquillity of this enchanting valley wash over you.


In our house next door we can accommodate up to 100 people in several shared rooms (with 4 to 8 beds). Showers and toilets are located on the same floor. This is a cheap way to enjoy your holidays in the picturesque Roseg Valley. An oasis for recreation in the Upper Engadine.

Family friendly

Our playground surrounded by nature for your little ones! And don't miss the new exciting nature trail for kids "Fix shows you his world" leading into Roseg Valley


Let yourself be pampered by our chef with regional dishes, all carefully prepared by the Hotel Restaurant Roseg Gletscher. Enjoy your culinary highlight at our unparalleled dessert buffet, indulge in sweet delicacies. In the evening you can enjoy a tasty glass of wine and sit by the crackling fireplace - there is no better way to enjoy the Roseg Valley.

Colani Stübli

You can exclusively rent our Colani Stübli for special occasions. The Colani Stübli can accommodate up to 100 - 120 people.

Misaun Stübli

Look at the magnificent mural by Marcel Moser on the wall of Misaun Stübli and dive into the sumptuous world of hunting. The Misaun Stübli can accommodate up to 40 people.

Säumer Stübli

Our lovely Säumer Stübli offers room for about 15 - 20 people. This will perfectly suit you and your special occasion.

Our large sun terrace offers an incomparable view of the imposing Roseg glacier and the Bernina Range. Don`t forget to taste the sweet specialities from our legendary dessert buffet.


Our varied cuisine offers dishes for every taste. Hungry cross-country skiers, hunters, hikers or bikers eat at our self-service restaurant. The restaurant can accommodate 120 - 150 people and can be rent exclusively for different occasions.


Glacier and mountains

Roseg hunting area

Flora and fauna - walking, trekking, cycling, cross-country skiing, hiking

Private carriages and sledges (prices and contact details)

Fix- Trail

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Wanderung Pontresina – Val RosegHotel Roseg – Tschiervahütte | ...
55 h | ↔ 24.3 km | ↑ 875 ↓ 875 Wanderung von Pontresina ins Val Roseg via Hotel Restaurant Roseg Gletscher und Alp Misaun zur Tschiervahütte / Chamanna da Tschierva.
Wanderung von Pontresina via Roseg nach Pontresina
Val Roseg bis zum Restaurant Roseg Gletscher und dann wieder zurück durchs Val Roseg zum Bahnhof Pontresina.Rusellas - God da Rusellas - God da l'Alp Seguonda - Roseg Gletscher,
517 Corvatsch - Fuorcla Surlej - Pontresina
Hahnensee wandert man auf dem Pfad zwischen Restaurant und See weiter bis kurz vor der Geröllhalde Gianda Naira.Roseggletscher , 2 h 2. Tag: Val Roseg - Alp Ota - Fuorcla Surlej,

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