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Sanierung von Trinkwasserleitungen
Sanieren von Wasserleitungen mit Innenbeschichtung Wir sanieren Wasserleitungen schweizweit und erfüllen sämtliche in der Schweiz geltenden Anforderungen. Mit dem kostengünstigen Promotec® - System
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Renovate water pipes, pipe renovation, pipe cleaning, heating pipes

Renovate water pipes instead of replacing them, quality from the leader, already over 225,000 pipe renovations.

Promotec Service GmbH has been your reliable partner for the renovation of drinking water pipes throughout Switzerland since 1993. We are at home in Reinach Basselland near Basel, Arlesheim, Aesch, Dorneck and the Leimental. Whether rusty water, rusty water, rust or lime in the pipes, clogged water pipes, unclogging and cleaning installations, rusty pipes, brown water, pressure drop, a thin stream of water, low/low water pressure, poor water quality, pipe breakthroughs, water pipe bursts, pitting, corroded pipe breakthroughs Pipes, we have the solution - the Promotec pipe renovation system.

Our patented wet cleaning process does not require any structural measures; the pipes are simply renovated from the inside. The process begins with wet cleaning, which gently and thoroughly cleans backwards and forwards. After drying and roughening, the pipes are sealed on the inside with a special coating and protected for a long time. The end product is a type of "pipe-in-pipe system" that is in no way inferior to today's plastic pipes in terms of durability and quality. The approved coating material is absolutely harmless to health because it is completely solvent-free and meets the regulations of the food law. The same material has also been used in cans for years as reliable rust protection.

Your advantages

the apartments/houses are habitable during the renovation

always have running water

The costs compared to replacing the pipes are up to three times cheaper

the work only takes 2 – 5 days (EFH/Apartment)

The following lines can be renovated:

Galvanized drinking water pipes (cold and hot water)

Drinking water pipes made of copper (cold and hot water)

Swimming pool pipes

Fire extinguishing lines

Heating cables (copper/steel)

Promotec Service GmbH, Sonnenweg 14, 4153 Reinach,

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