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Matti David und Sandra
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Matti + Matti Notariat & Advokatur


to Matti + Matti, the Gstaad based law firm and notary’s office – here to help with all your legal needs.

Legal issues frequently arise in daily life, at work or in business. Perhaps you can't get a satisfactory answer or lack the necessary knowledge. Alternatively, you might need a notary to draft a public deed or advise on entering into a contract.

You can turn to us for advice. We aim to deliver prompt and straightforward assistance, propose effective solutions and can draft the necessary agreements. 

We look forward to hearing from you.

Notarial services

We provide the following notarial services:

  • Real estate transactions of all types (e.g. purchases, gifts, establishing condominium ownership, partitioning of land, etc.)
  • Marital agreements and agreements as to succession
  • Wills
  • Advance care directives
  • Company formation and restructuring
  • Drafting articles of association and regulations
  • Tax and estate inventories
  • Estate distributions
  • Preparing mortgage certificates
  • Easement contracts
  • Authentications
  • Purchase authorisations for foreign nationals
  • Rural land tenure
  • General contract drafting

Law practice

Legal services (providing advice and/or representing parties before the authorities and courts):

  • Divorce
  • Separation
  • Objections and appeals of all types
  • Hunting offences
  • Road traffic offences
  • Civil claims of all types
  • Neighbour law - interests of adjoining owners
  • General legal advice

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