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consegna gratuita a domicilio e/o sul posto di lavoro
Via Pazzalino 17
6962 Viganello TI


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Contrada dei Patrizi pharmacy

Ten years after its opening, the Contrada dei Patrizi pharmacy in Via Pazzalino 17 in Viganello has opened its second branch in Via Ceresio 40 in Pregassona (in the building that also houses the Aldi branch).

An initiative that can be boasted by the positive feedback obtained in a decade in Viganello and that proposes in its new premises in Pregassona the same winning formula, based essentially on two factors: dedicating time to the customer and always improving the quality of service, constantly adapting to the growing needs and opening up to the new challenges of the future (possibility, for example, to place orders via Whatsapp in Pregassona at 079 849 14 64 - Viganello 076 264 40 72).

Opening hours continued, with the presence of specialized and professional staff.

Daily free home deliveries are made throughout the Lugano area, with the offer of a personalized consulting service, tailored to everyone's needs. 

With reimbursement from the health insurance, in the two pharmacies we prepare weekly "dosettes", i.e. the daily division of fixed therapies, as prescribed by doctors, with rapid and timely delivery throughout the district.

Products, services

Priorin N 270 capsule (trattamento trimestrale)

Priorin N 270 Capsule trattamento trimestrale

Contrasta efficacemente la fisiologica perdita di capelli del cambio di stagione, rende unghie e capelli forti, sani e resistenti. SOLO DA NOI FR 79.-

Dynamisan Forte 40 Fiale

Una fiala al giorno rinforza l'organismo affaticato dal cambio di stagione e dalle patologie invernali e aiuta la memoria e lo studio. 


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