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Augenzentrum Pallas Winterthur

Augen, Augenlaser, Haut, Venen und Schönheit
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Appointments arranged fast – new patients welcome

The Pallas Zurich Eye Centre is your main point of contact for all eye-related concerns. We welcome new patients and guarantee that you will get an appointment quickly.

The Pallas Zurich Eye Centre includes the Pallas Zurich Laser Eye Treatment Centre.

The ophthalmologists at our eye centre in Zurich offer a wide range of ophthalmology services:

–         Eye examinations, vision tests, assessments

–         Emergency treatments

–         Cataract surgery

–         Glaucoma treatments

–         Treatments for eyelids and tear ducts

–         Treatments for the retina and vitreous body

–         Treatments for the cornea and conjunctiva

–         Laser eye treatments and lens implantation

Find out more about our services:

Eye examinations/emergencies: We provide the full range of ophthalmology services, from the usual routine screening examinations and check-ups to diagnosis of vision disorders and special consultations for cataracts, glaucoma or retinal disorders.

Cataracts: A cataract is an age-related condition in which the eye’s natural lens becomes cloudy. Cataract surgery is one of the most commonly performed surgeries in the world. At our eye centre in Zurich, our experienced eye specialists have been performing this surgery successfully for many years. In order to obtain the best possible treatment results, it is crucial to detect and treat cataracts early. This is why we strongly recommend regular eye examinations by an ophthalmologist.

Glaucoma: Glaucoma is an umbrella term for various eye diseases that, if left untreated, can lead to damage to the retinal cells and optic nerve fibres. In the early stages of this eye disease, patients will usually not notice any symptoms. However, as the disease progresses, the glaucoma obscures the visual field more and more. The inevitable result is vision loss. Therefore, without early detection and treatment, glaucoma can lead to the slow development of blindness. At our eye centre in Zurich, we offer a glaucoma consultation service. We use state-of-the-art techniques to carry out thorough diagnostic procedures so that we can give you exactly the right treatment.

Eyelids and tear ducts: The area around the eyes performs various important functions. For example, the condition of the eyelids has a huge effect on the health of the eyes. However, many diseases of the eyelids are simple to treat. Eyelid malposition, such as hooded eyes or pronounced eye bags, and also Sjögren’s[FL1]  syndrome (dry eye) can lead to impaired vision and impaired visual acuity. At our eye centre in Zurich, we offer either surgical treatment or treatment with medication, depending on the type and severity of the condition.

Treatments for the retina and vitreous body: The retina, which is part of the eye, has around 130 million sensory cells that allow us to see. Damage to the retina can be caused by a metabolic disorder, inflammation, a tumour or an accident. Such damage puts vision at risk. At our eye centre in Zurich, we have experienced specialists with the highest level of technical expertise treating diseases of the retina, the macula and the vitreous body.

Cornea and conjunctiva: The cornea is transparent and colourless. It is composed of five layers in total. At our eye centre in Zurich, we treat various diseases of the cornea and the conjunctiva, such as keratitis and conjunctivitis, as well as conditions caused by corneal injuries.

Laser eye treatments and lens implantation: Our laser eye treatment centre is part of our eye centre in Zurich. Using the latest refractive surgery treatment methods, we make it possible for patients to see clearly without glasses or contact lenses.

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