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eidg. KomplementärTherapeut HFP, Shiatsu–, Qi Gong–Lehrer und dipl. Resilienztrainer
Shiatsu-Therapie, Qigong-Kurse, Reisilienztrainings, Achtsamkeits-Kurse, Meditations-Seminare
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Shiatsu - for your health

Shiatsu is an acupressure technique that works with the meridians of Chinese medicine. Shiatsu activates your self-regulating powers and helps to prevent illness. Tensions on a physical, emotional and mental level can be released and the zest for life is strengthened. The client wears comfortable clothing and practices on a futon. A treatment usually lasts 60 minutes and costs CHF 132. Shiatsu is recognized by health insurance companies and is covered by supplementary insurance.

Qi Gong - for your balance

Chi-Gung (Qi Gong) is a Chinese form of exercise to maintain health and inner peace. Translated, Qi Gong means "energy work" and is the art of allowing one's own life force to flow. It consists of simple sequences of movements combined with natural breathing and has a meditative character. Qi Gong is used in medical and psychotherapeutic practice as well as in clinical facilities for the rehabilitation and treatment of chronic illnesses.

In general, Qi Gong strengthens our immune system and increases our vitality. It has a stress-reducing effect and promotes concentration, balance and inner peace. Among other things, Qi Gong has a very successful effect on asthma, bronchitis, high blood pressure, sleep disorders, arthritis, Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis, migraines, headaches and physical pain.

Vismay Spillmann is the founder of "Shiatsu & Chi-Gung". As a complementary therapist with a federal diploma, he offers Shiatsu therapies in his practice in Zurich Enge and runs Qi Gong and meditation courses.

In 1999, Vismay Spillmann completed the Swiss Shiatsu Therapist SGS (recognized by health insurance companies) and has had his own practice in Zurich ever since. He practices once a week in the practice of Dr. med. Guido Rampa AkupunkteurTCM in Zug.

He completed his Qi Gong teacher training in 2003 and trained with Master JuminChen, among others. He runs public courses at the Aussersihl district center and for the Zurich Department of Education and Sport (SSD). Vismay Spillmann is also a BodyArt instructor and holds annual seminars and workshops as a Qi Gong teacher at the BodyArt School.

He has been a trained Dorn-Breuss therapist since 2010. In 2014, he completed a postgraduate course in "Constitutional Acupuncture according to the Five Phases of Transformation" by J.R. Worsley.

Vismay Spillmann is married and has two sons.

Products, services

Shiatsu 75min

This Shiastu treatment offers the ideal treatment duration for your needs and is not only recommended for the first appointment.

The treatment is reimbursed by your supplementary insurance and payment is made by invoice, cash or Twint.

Please cancel your appointment at least 24 hours in advance.

Treat yourself to this relaxing and soothing experience for body and mind.

Shiatsu 60min

The short treatment is suitable for an ongoing series where the issue has been clarified or if you do not have more time.

The treatment is reimbursed by your supplementary insurance and payment is made by invoice, cash or Twint.

Please cancel your appointment at least 24 hours in advance.

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