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Praxis für Körpertherapie und Bewegung in Zürich - REalEASE

Raum für ganzheitliche Bewegungsarbeit, Körpertherapie & Begleitung
Bristenstrasse 30
8048 Zürich


Phone 043 817 46 77


Praxis für Körpertherapie, Körperarbeit & Coaching

We aim to support and guide our clients to find real ease in every task. 
Through the release of blockages and stagnation in body, mind and soul you will 
re-ease into the flow of life.

Our aim is to improve your quality of life, increase your resilience and minimise or 
eliminate issues that affect you physically, mentally and emotionally.
In our practice for bodywork, manual therapy and coaching, we take the time to support our clients in a pleasant and trusting environment.

Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral therapy is a gentle, holistic, manual therapy that boosts the body’s self-healing powers and restores its balance.

We offer sessions for Baby, expecting Mothers, Children, Teenager and Adults

Pilates / Fascia  Training 

You will discover how your body responds while having fun and joy. Your fascial tissue will learn to transmit all forces that affect you evenly through your whole system.

Anatomy Trains Structural Integration – ATSI

ATSI consists of twelve neuro-myofascial manipulation treatments.
It can be remarkably effective in treating both acute and chronic pain issues

Craniosacral Therapie and AT Structural Intergation (in Prozess) are recognize by most complementary Insurances

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