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§  BRAINFORCE AG was established in 1979 in Switzerland (Headquarters in Zurich). It was the pioneer and is still the leading Interim Management services provider in Europe. BRAINFORCE operates subsidiaries in Germany, Austria, the Baltics, Portugal, Russia, South Africa, Thailand, Hong Kong, China and Japan. Martin Schneider has been the CEO since 2004 and the Chairman of the Executive Board since 2007.

§  The BRAINFORCE Group maintains an international M.A.S.T.E.R.3-Pool®, which contains in excess of 6.500 carefully selected and specialized interim managers, project managers and consultants with many years of industry-critical professional experience, who can be deployed at short notice. BRAINFORCE puts highest attention to quality and professionalism in its selection process. Only applicants with at least 10-15 years of interdisciplinary managing experience, a proven track record in conceptual design and implementation as well as strong references will be accepted into the Pool. A multi-stage selection process assures our high quality standards.

§  Interim Management is a perfect management tool to increase flexibility and agility of organizations, especially in the era of digitalization which increases the demands to management. It applies to national, cross-border as well as international management and project management assignments. Core competencies of BRAINFORCE include bridging management gaps at C-Level (CEO, CFO, COO, CIO, CSO, etc.), Restructuring/Turnaround, M&A support and Post-Merger Integration, Supply Chain Management, HR-management, succession solutions, optimization of business processes, operational support in international expansion projects and other specific business tasks. This applies also to the NGO world and the Public Sector.

§  BRAINFORCE E.X.P.E.R.T.3 Solutions® offer customized consulting services with selected members of its M.A.S.T.E.R.3-Pool®. In contrast to traditional management consulting, BRAINFORCE deploys exclusively proven executives with both, a specific consulting expertise and a minimum of 10-15 years’ management experience. These experts conduct and consult clients through all steps which would be needed for implementation of a solution or a project: from helpful analyses to a concept, from the roadmap to the action plan and up to the realization of the concept, i.e. the implementation in the real business world. Taking the advantages to use the interim managers’ expertise, the business solutions for clients are not only formulated, but also implemented and ready to operate.

With our proven Management Excellerator methodology we accompany our clients in solving their biggest challenges. Within a few days, the challenges addressed are conceptually solved by 30-40 selected stakeholders of an organization, moderated by BRAINFORCE staff. Thanks to the commitment of all stakeholder involved, the developed plans lead very quickly to tangible results.

§  BRAINFORCE supervises the mandates from the beginning to the end. This includes periodic review of priorities, goals and objectives. The personal involvement of BRAINFORCE senior executives is a standard process.

§  The BRAINFORCE Business Model builds on quality, speed, flexibility, confidentiality, responsibility and results orientation. The BRAINFORCE Group has completed more than 4,500 mandates successfully since its inception 42 years ago.

Tasks of Interim Managers

§  They bridge management gaps or add management capacity in projects while providing additional value by introducing best practice methods into an organization.

§  They build up a new market from scratch, including market entry activities such as product adaptations and approvals, supplier identification and negotiations, and business development, e.g. in conjunction with the set-up of a subsidiary in a new market.

§  As project leaders, they establish and implement road maps along the entire value chain of a company, based on a given overall strategy. Providing interdisciplinary tasks forces is also a possibility.

§  Interim Managers implement either restrictive or innovative strategies and projects, e.g. in Change Management situations or in Business Development activities.

§  As objective experts and specialists, they assess the feasibility of projects and strategies. They assume project controlling tasks, conduct project audits, coach managers and organize trainings.

Benefits of Interim Managers

§  Interim Managers do not just establish concepts and actions plans. They implement them. They assume operational responsibility until the results are achieved. Even after mandate completion, interim managers are available as external specialists if required.

§  Interim Managers are selected individually for each specific case for a tailored solution. Key factors are practical experience gained previously, relevant to the new situation, specific skills, cross-cultural sensitivity and leadership experience, and superior social competency.

§  Interim Managers bring their entire experience and industry specific Know How and beyond into the client organization.

§  They are objective and neutral. Their unbiased view helps to unlock difficult situations and to create space for novelty. The achievement of the client’s goals is always the prevalent focus. They do not get distracted by complex company-internal politics. They also do not need to waste time for personal career planning. Usually, they also are more effective in implementing actions and projects than internal employees.

§  Their costs are quantifiable in advance and are transparent.

§  Interim Manager can be deployed within 1-2 weeks worldwide, often with local interim managers, and assume immediate responsibility. On average a deployment lasts 3-12 months and can be full time or part time.

§  You get a senior executive designed for your specific needs who you would hardly ever find for a permanent hire e.g. in a start-up situation where the perceived business risks maybe considerable.

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