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Enter an address

Write the address into the search fields on top of the page. Enter at least a city name or a ZIP number. In case that your address was not found or it is not unique, you'll see an according message appearing in the map. We also have a directory of places.


The easiest way to zoom is by using the mouse. Left-click the map in your area of interest to zoom in. Right-clicking (or shift-clicking) will zoom out. To skip several levels, use the zoombar over the magnifying glasses.


To move the map, press and hold the left mouse button on the map, then move the mouse. In most cases, the mouse wheel works, too (SHIFT for sideways movement)


You can use the keyboard (unless you are in the input field): Arrow keys to move, + key to zoom in, - key to zoom out.

Map symbols

On the left side you can select various types of map symbols; clicking the + enables a more fine grained selection. On the detailed cards, some symbols are already selected. When you move your mouse pointer over one of those symbols in the map, you get additional information like phone numbers or links.

Map size

The map size adapts to the window size. Try smaller windows for faster loading


Through (repeated) pressing of your browser's back-button, you can back-track your movements.

Street map

Besides streets and buildings this symbolic view also shows the terrain of Switzerland in the outer zoom levels. You can switch to the "Map" view with the links below the zoom bar.


Click on "Printable version" within the option links on the left and you'll get the same clip of the map but optimized for printing. Click on the map image to switch back to the interactive mode.


If you would like to link to an address on our map, just copy/paste the URL you see after the search.

Draw on the map

Create your individual map by adding markers, lines and text labels. A detailed description of how to use the drawing tools can be found in the drawing help.

Map material

The maps shown are combined aerial/street maps. The aerial photos are updated every 5-10 years, the street maps more frequently. Please report street map problems to; outdated aerial pictures need not be reported.


Please don't hesitate to contact us.