Current Observation

Station: S. Bernardino, 1638 m.a.s.l.

Distance to Piz 22.9 km
Altitude difference -1407m (3045 m.a.s.l.)
Temperature 13.7 °C
Sunshine 0 of 10 min
Precipitation 0 mm/h
Wind speed 4 km/h from SW
Wind gusts 8 km/h
Humidity 91%
Pressure 844 hPa
Pollen Alder, Birch, Grass, Mugwort, Ragweed
Pollutants NH3, CO, NO2, Ozone, PM10, PM2.5, SO2

Weather animations


Weather diagram
  • TodayAround 14:40 o'clock strong rain or thunderstorms. Afterwards high clouds. Around 17:50 o'clock strong showers. Late in the evening low clouds. Temperatures around 5 degrees.
  • FriAt the beginning high clouds. Around 5 o'clock strong rain with dry intervals. Afterwards overcast. During the day around 13 o'clock strong showers or thunderstorms with dry intervals. Afterwards overcast. From 21 to 23 strong rain and snow. Temperatures between 0 and 6 degrees.
  • SatFirst cloudy, from 20 o'clock light rain and snow showers. Temperatures at night -1, in the afternoon 7 degrees.
  • SunIn the first half of the day strong rain and snow. Afterwards overcast. From 14 to 18 rain. In the evening low clouds. Temperatures between -2 and 4 degrees.
  • MonAll day low clouds. Temperatures at night 1, in the afternoon 9 degrees.
  • -1°
  • -2°